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E-2 Investor Visas – Part 1

#Immigration #InvestorVisas #Immigrants Investors and entrepreneurs enjoy various options for gaining temporary and permanent legal status in the United States. In this video, immigration attorneys Matthew Myers and Jennifer Walker Gates discuss the requirements to...

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Immigration Options For Ukrainians

#Refugees #Immigrants #Ukraine The crisis in Ukraine resulting from Russia’s invasion of the country has prompted numerous questions and inquiries regarding possible immigration relief for Ukrainian citizens. On March 3, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas designated...

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Witnessing Abuse is Abuse

#Immigration #Survivors #Immigrants Adults must protect children from experiencing abuse. One of the main reasons immigrant victims of violence do not report to police is that they're afraid that seeing a parent arrested will harm their children. In this video,...

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VAWA does not lead to harm of perpetrators

#VAWA #Immigrants #Survivors Since 2005, the law has allowed parents of abusive U.S. citizens to claim VAWA protections once their son or daughter turns 21 years of age. In this video, immigration attorneys Jennifer Walker Gates and Diego Nunez discuss the law as it...

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Vawa For Men

#VAWAForMen #VictimsOfAbuse #Immigrants Even though the law has the word “women” in the title, abused men or people of any gender can file a VAWA self-petition as long as they can show they qualify. In this video attorneys, Jennifer Walker Gates and Diego Nuñez go...

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What Is A Permanent Bar?

Individuals who enter the USA without permission after accruing one year or more of unlawful presence in the USA, OR who enter unlawfully after deportation, are subject to the so-called "permanent bar." The permanent bar prevents an immigrant from legalizing their...

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