Immigrant Stories: A mother’s love


Immigrant Stories is a segment dedicated to our clients, friends, and families. We know leaving your home behind carries a story of sacrifice and resilience that many are not aware of. With this series, we wish to reach those who are not aware of what being an immigrant conveys and realize that we are all one.

Leaving all you have ever know to start from scratch in a place with a different culture, a different language, a completely different way of life is one of the hardest things we do as humans.

Today, evil hands are chasing millions of families from their homes. They are taking their loved ones away, from them.

Leaving them no choice to become asylum seekers in what they think are countries that will provide hope.

This month, to commemorate Immigrant Mothers, we want to share with you Sonia’s story.

We thank her for sharing this with us. We want her to know we admire her, and we are doing everything we can to reunite her family.

Sonia’s story

In this video, Sonia tells us why she was obligated to leave her home, hid her two daughters in Honduras, and fled to the United States with her youngest son.

Gladly she is now reunited with her youngest daughter. Like many children that are still crossing the US-Mexico border unaccompanied, Sonia’s daughter had to do the same. After the trip and staying in the children’s detention centers, she was badly injured physically and mentally.

These children have a pathway to legal residency in the United States by the SIJS program. If you wish to learn more about it you can watch a video on it in this blog post.

Asylum seekers need our help. They only want to live without fear of the violence destroying their homes.

If you want to learn more about what asylum is and the time frame you have to apply for it check out this video our attorneys Naveen and Jennifer created.

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