You vs. The Deportation Machine: How We Can Help

When clients are eligible to apply for relief from removal before the immigration courts, WGV ensures that the case is presented as thoroughly, professionally, and convincingly as possible. Whether you are requesting adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, asylum or withholding of removal, WGV will pursue every available avenue to keep our clients in the United States together with their families.

We assist our clients with:

What To Do If You Are Arrested As An Immigrant

As an immigrant, you have certain rights. Depending on whether you are arrested inside the United States or at the border, your arrest rights may differ. In any circumstance, if you are arrested, stay calm and cooperate with officers — without sacrificing your rights to remain silent and demand an attorney.

If you are arrested:

  • Stay silent and ask to speak to an immigration lawyer
  • Do not sign anything until you have spoken with your attorney
  • Document the name and number of the arresting officer
  • Do not sign a “voluntary departure” agreement or a “stipulated orders of removal” agreement without first speaking to an immigration lawyer
  • Ask your attorney about your defense and bond options

You have the right to call a lawyer or a family member. You may have the right to a hearing and to a bond. If you are released on bond, do not flee and make sure to show up for all your hearings at the correct date.

Don’t Face Immigration Courts Without The Help Of An Attorney To Defend Your Rights

If you or your loved one has been detained by immigration, or if you are facing deportation, let the Austin immigration and deportation lawyers at Walker Gates Vela advocate for you. Schedule a consultation right away by calling our Austin office or contact us online today.

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