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What To Do If You Are Detained By Immigration


If you or a loved one has been arrested by ICE, you should contact a trusted attorney to assist you as early in the process as possible.

At Walker Gates Vela, these are the immediate steps we take to assist detained clients:

Step 1: Gather information

We will need the following information about the detained person:
Date of birth
Country of birth
Location (if known)
A number (if known)

We will need the following information from you (the person contacting us):
Relationship to detainee
Contact phone number

Send this information to a WGV staffer now via this link.

Step 2: Locate

Next, WGV works to locate the detainee via the ICE online detainee locator or by contacting detention facilities directly.

Step 3: Contact

Once the detainee is located, WGV will arrange to visit with the detainee either in person or by phone in order to fully evaluate his or her case.

Step 4: Assist

Once case evaluation is complete, WGV may assist with any or all of the following, depending on the specific needs of the client:

  • Provide notice to ICE that detainee is represented so that we are included in all official communications;
  • Provide assistance to detainee in preparing for his or her credible fear interview;
  • Facilitate communications with the detainee and his or her family;
  • Facilitate deposits of funds in commissary account;
  • Compiling documents to support bond or parole request;

Step 5: Seek release

After we determine that a detainee is eligible for release from ICE custody, we will prepare and submit a request for release either on bond or parole. We may also submit a motion to the immigration judge for a bond hearing should that be required.
If the detainee is granted a bond or parole, we will assist with the logistics of helping him or her arrive safely at home, including posting bond and/or facilitating travel arrangements.

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