Applying For Citizenship

If you’ve reviewed the criteria for eligibility, have determined you are eligible and are ready to move forward with the process, help ensure your chances of a successful application by employing an immigration attorney to help you and your family properly file an application.

Applying for United States citizenship is a right granted to all eligible immigrants. It is, however, an incredibly complex and tedious process. Between the application, the interview and the exam, preparation is key to an individual’s success. The citizenship application is lengthy and complicated. A minor error in data entry, or the lack of a single document, can result in a denied or delayed application. Multiple copies of each required form must be collected and sent to a number of governmental agencies. Each piece of documentation is held its own set of standards that need to be adhered to. The interview can the difference between pursuing the American dream or being sent back to the hardship you fled from.

The legal team of Walker Gates Vela has dedicated themselves to helping each and every immigrant achieve their dream of legally working and living in the United States. Immigration law is all we practice and we have become trusted experts in the field. Our team will meet with you and hold your hand through the entire process. Our team will successfully guide you through the application process, prepare you for the interview and exam and ready you and your family for the Oath of Allegiance. Contact us today to get started.

The Process

Citizenship Application

All applicants for U.S citizenship must start by downloading and completing the N-400 Application for Naturalization form. Once the form is completed, three additional documents must be gathered. These include a copy of both sides of your permanent resident card, two identical color photographs with your name and alien registration number and a check or money order for the processing fees. Our legal team can provide you with a document checklist, help prepare your application and aid in getting all documents to the proper authorities.

Citizenship Interview

Once an applicant’s preliminary documents are received and reviewed, an appointment is scheduled for the citizenship interview. Applicants are provided with a date and time for their interview and must show up and be prepared to answer dozens of questions about themselves, their family, their work status and their legal history. A competency in English must also be demonstrated. The interview is one of the most vital parts of the application process and securing legal aid to prepare you and your family for your appointment is crucial to success.

Citizenship Exam

Unless you qualify for exemption or a waiver, you will be required to successfully pass the United States Citizenship Exam in English, without the help of a translator. The exam includes a mix of civics and history questions and has been changed countless times over the last two decades. Preparation guides are available online but the best way to prepare is to work with an immigration attorney to ready you for the onslaught of questions you will face during the exam. Call us for expert exam preparation.

Citizenship Oath

Regardless of your application status, you are not a legal United States citizen until the Oath of Allegiance has been taken at a Naturalization Ceremony. For immigrants who have struggled through the application process this can be a joyous occasion. Let our legal team help you complete the required Form N-445 Questionnaire in order to set up your ceremony date and complete your citizenship process.

Denial of Citizenship

Nothing is more devastating for a family than completing the U.S Citizenship application process, only to be denied in the end. Denial of U.S Citizenship is usually based on a set of five criteria centering around eligibility. If you’ve been denied U.S. Citizenship, speak with an Austin immigration attorney. Our experienced legal teams can help you establish an appeals case.

Appeals of Citizenship

If you’ve been denied citizenship, time is of the essence. All denied applicants have only 30 days to file for an appeal. Using Form N-336, denied applicants can request a new hearing, in front of a different immigration officer. A new hearing will be scheduled within 180 days of the submission of Form N-336. Let the law offices of Walker Gates Vela improve your chances of a successful appeal.


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