Recently immigration lawyers and immigrants have received great news; now we hear about new asylum policies that will benefit thousands of people. Please read about it here and watch our video to learn more about it.

Asylum policies have been modified and interpreted in many different ways, leaving us with plenty of questions and doubts. For example, we wonder if you can get asylum if you are a victim of domestic violence? This has been a decades-long battle, and during the Trump administration, it became almost impossible in large part because of two decisions: Matter of A-B- and Matter of L-E-A-.

In June of 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a harsh policy that gave immigration judges the green light to deny any asylum petition based on Gang Violence and Family Violence. Stating that if a government had laws against it, the U.S. should not be responsible for the unprotected victims of such crimes. This based on two rules Matter of A-B- and L-E-A-.

Now, the Biden administration is making positive changes. Attorney-General Garland has vacated A-B- and L-E-A-, meaning immigration judges can no longer rely on them to deny asylum applications. This great news brings a new light to asylum seekers in the USA. They are giving a chance for previously denied applicants to re-apply and protecting new victims of these crimes.

This new policy comes at a great time; with domestic violence and gang-related violence on the rise worldwide, the government is seeking new ways to grant opportunities to people in need.

To learn more, watch this video where lawyers Jennifer Walker Gates and Jacqueline Watson break down the critical information for asylum seekers in the United States today.

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