If you have a case moving through the U.S. immigration system, you need problem-solving tools! In this video with immigration attorney Jennifer Walker Gates, we discuss tips and tools on everything from making sure your attorney is licensed to know if your case is delayed and, most importantly, steps you can take to make sure your case is safe and progressing properly.

Download this PDF with the list of tools and websites; this PDF  contains direct access to the main websites we know you will need to visit while working on your immigration process. Make sure to simplify this already tedious process with us.

If you have more questions or need legal assistance on your immigration matter, feel free to contact us by text or phone call at +1 512-633-1785, you can directly schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys; they are all highly qualified and eager to assist you.

Not sure about scheduling a consultation with one of our lawyers yet? Watch this video, learn what happens when you are in consultation with WGV, and find out why we offer the best service!

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