Biden’s 100-Day Deportation Pause: How it will affect your case


The Dept of Homeland Security, under Biden’s leadership, has declared a 100-day pause on deportations of immigrants. The purpose of the pause is to prevent further family separations while giving the director time to review and update the policies of the previous administration. In this video, immigration attorneys Jennifer Walker Gates and Naveen Flores Dixit discuss the new policy and how it impacts immigrants with open deportation cases as well as those who have old orders of deportation.

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Mental Health for the Immigrant Community

If you or a loved one are suffering from anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, repetitive negative thoughts, compulsive behaviors such as overdrinking, overeating, or other symptoms of stress or trauma, you are not alone. This year has been unusually stressful for many of us, but mental health resources are available. In this interview, licensed professional counselor Ana Irizarry shares her wisdom with us about how our mental health is key to living happy, healthy lives