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good 3 attorneys We are advocates for immigrants.

At Walker Gates Vela, we believe that our immigrant communities are vital to creating a strong, healthy, and vibrant America. To that end, we work to support each and every client in building a life of prosperity, dignity, and justice in the United States. To that end, we ensure that our clients’ cases are prepared, presented and defended as effectively and persuasively as possible. We aim to provide a level of service that will win our clients’ lifelong trust, loyalty, and appreciation.

Types of cases we handle

Walker Gates Vela handles a broad spectrum of cases for families and individuals. Our practice focuses primarily on spousal petitions, family petitions, applications for green cards, waivers, visas and green cards for victims of crime and domestic violence, immigration benefits for youth such as DACA and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, citizenship, and deportation defense.

One of our most important practice areas is “Crimmigration” or criminal defense for non-citizens. The immigration-related consequences of even minor offenses can be severe for immigrant defendants. At Walker Gates Vela, we handle all criminal matters with an eye toward the immigration case, making sure that plea agreements are carefully crafted to minimize the impact on the client’s future prospects for remaining legally in the United States.

Fees and Payment Plans

At Walker Gates Vela, we recognize that high-quality legal representation is not cheap and yet most of our clients are not rich. In response to this tension, we provide global, comprehensive fees and generous, interest-free payment plans.

Our fees are designed to minimize the financial impact of hiring excellent counsel and eliminate surprises for our clients. WGV legal fees cover all of the expenses incident to a case such as copies, mail and courier fees, postage, travel expenses, Spanish translations, and even passport pictures and fingerprint impressions for criminal background checks. In addition, our fees are designed so that the client will not incur any additional legal expenses even if we have to fight like mad to get a favorable result on the case. The immigration service frequently demands additional evidence and legal arguments to support an already-filed application or petition; should that happen in your case, you can rest assured that we will respond vigorously — without charging you additional fees. We have designed our fee structure this way in the hope of making our high-quality legal advocacy available to anyone who needs it, even if you are on a limited budget.


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