Alicia Perez

Alicia Perez has been a licensed attorney in Texas since 2007. Ms. Perez has a wide range of experience in court and administrative law, including Family, Low-Income Tax Law, and Immigration. She is a boundless and passionate defender of human rights and seeks to fight injustice at every level of the system.

Her passion for immigrant rights comes from a lifetime of hosting world visitors and being hosted as a world visitor. She has traveled in Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. She has spent time in Santo Domingo and Barahona, Dominican Republic and Mexico. She has traveled through Kenya, Tanzania, Israel and Palestine, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and the U.K.. She has hosted long-term international students from the Dominican, Taiwan, and Spain.

Ms. Perez believes we are all connected and deserve the right to be together regardless of borders. As such, she represents her clients through their proceedings with special care, zeal and positive excellence.

Ms. Perez has a deep respect and care for her clients. She appreciates the daunting nature of the immigration process and takes extra pains to prepare her clients for their cases fully and by being constantly available to help explain every detail of the experience.

In her spare time, she is committed to her family, including three young sons, her neighbors and local community.

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