Detained By Immigration?

What To Do If You Are Detained By Immigration

Tragically, thousands of immigrants are unfairly detained by officials at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) each year. Detainees are held for long periods of time, in prison-like conditions, waiting for their fair day in court or an immigration hearing. If you have discovered your loved one is detained, speak with an immigration lawyer immediately. The immigration law firm of Walker Gates Vela in Austin, Texas encounters countless clients who have been wrongfully or unfairly detained by immigration in and around central Texas. We help ensure our immigrant population’s fair release from detention – and help prevent them from being deported.

Why Is My Family Member Being Detained By Immigration?

There are few different scenarios under which you or a loved one might be held by ICE:

  • Detained at the border.
  • Detained after an arrest.
  • Detained after illegal reentry.
  • Detained after missing immigration hearings.

The ICE locator website includes a list of immigrants who are currently in detention. You can find a person’s detention locator by looking them up using their Alien Number, found on their green card or work permit. However, if they were recently detained, the website might not be updated yet. Or, if the alien is a minor, the website won’t have their information – minors are not included on the website and you need to request information from office of the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations nearest to you.

What Should You Do After Being Detained By Immigration In Austin?

Once you discover your loved one has been detained, contact one of our seasoned Austin immigration attorneys. We can help secure immigration bond for the individual while they await further hearings. Paying the bond ensures at least their temporary freedom.

Next, your immigration lawyer will review your deportation defense options and present these arguments to an immigration judge during your loved one’s hearing. Some relief options available might be asylum, Cancellation of Removal, prosecutorial discretion, or another form of relief. Hopefully, we can help your loved one remain in the U.S. legally.

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Immigration detention centers are no fun. Do not let your loved one suffer any longer in detention. Schedule a consultation today by calling our Austin office or contact us online today.

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